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Travel Bag


  • All participants are responsible for organizing their travel to and from our starting and ending locations

  • Confirm your passport will have no less than 6 months left before expiring- you will be refused entry into Europe if it expires in under 6 months

  • Please confirm the current visa and vaccination requirements 

  • Each person will be assigned a single room unless specified

  • We are staying in monasteries and visiting churches where modest dress is required. Please cover your shoulders and have shorts and dresses that cover your thighs 

  • Be prepared to walk several miles and climb many stairs, and choose your shoes wisely

  • The itinerary may change due to weather or closures

  • Travel insurance is recommended

  • Keep luggage to what you can carry in one trip

  • Credit Cards are accepted everywhere; choose the charges in Euro for the best rates

  • ATMs are also everywhere in town (avoid ATMs and exchanging cash in airports. they don;t offer good exchange rates)

  • WiFi will be available at all lodging and many restaurants



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